Sunday Thoughts – 8/1

It’s late, but it still Sunday…

Have a great day at church this morning, and I have to say this again – our Sunday School teacher is excellent. I knew of him during my Community Organizer days, but never got to meet him. Just a very kindly soul. The senior pastor is on vacation so the very able ‘assistant’ pastor had a wonderful sermon this morning. It is a great thing to be able to trust that the leadership doesn’t lose quality when the senior member is away.

It was also the start of Vacation Bible School. This is our children’s first time at something like this, although they had experienced summer camp before. I am not too much of a fan of things like this – but there is value in having the children spend more time discussing the things of God with others of their own age group.

I do not have much going on this week, and I am hoping to get through this book on God and Science although I suspect that I will end up just doing a few interactions with it. I have a few thoughts starting to be inked out, involving ]] and (another one) ]]. Those two might be interesting – at least they are for me as I think about them. I have a few more as well, but we’ll see…

I will announce the contest winners tomorrow as well. Speaking of contests, check out this one… Speaking of announcements, in the next weeks, I’ll have more than a few big ones…

And now, for the best blogger of the week? Mark Stevens. How did he do it?

Honestly, Mark is one of my favorite bloggers to read and I hope that you will find him as enjoyable as I have.

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