Sunday Thoughts – 7/26

It’s rainy today, cloudy, generally ugly, but any day with God and my family is beautiful. We got up early and headed to the park for our Sunday morning devotional. We read from John 8, discussing the woman caught in adultery and Christ as the light the world, with the Father confirming Him.

Two things – first, how many Christians do you know who are willing to throw that first stone? You know, Christ gave the crowd permission to kill that woman – if they met the qualifications of the Judge. They didn’t, of course. They all heard what Christ wrote on the ground, turned and walked away. She had no accusers because none were without sin.

Judging is not about telling someone that they are wrong in what they are doing, or that they are holding the wrong doctrine, but about picking up the stones of judgment used to kill. Generally, people think that judgment means that you cannot offer correction, but in reality, it is first about acknowledging that you are not perfect, and then about offering correction, perhaps even to help share the burden of the person in question.

Anyway, we closed with a prayer and fed the ducks and the squirrels and the chipmunk. We have a house to clean, and some fellowship later. I hope and pray that each of you have a great and glorious week.

Abigael telling what Landon to pray for
Landon Praying
Ducks, everywhere!
And more ducks

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