Sunday Thoughts – 7/12

I was discussing with my daughter this week of the importance of communal worship – Church – and how important it was to continue to have a time each week for a family gathering of this type. She inquired about an outdoor church.

Well, as I watch the skies grow cloudy, I think she has her answer.

I think that the rain is not scheduled until much later in the day here, so we should have plenty of time to head to the park for our family devotional, feeding the ducks, and I hope squeezing in some time with the playground.

It is important when you are not able to go to a local congregation, to do something consistent with your young ones, and even yourself, in the worship of God. Otherwise, you will find yourself starting to slip – and it does not serve a good example to your children when you speak about the importance of God and Church and fail to go.

So, because we love God and our family, we are heading out to the park this morning, and going to cast our bread upon the water – well, in front of the ducks anyway.

My nephew has spent the entire weekend with us. This is important to me, because it allows me to connect the reason that I came to West Virginia. It allows me to be apart of a family larger than my immediate one. My niece was here on Friday evening for a bit – which was fun. I figured out how to hugs and kisses from her – all I have to do is to pretend to whimper and she comes running.

As many of you know, I am experimenting with blog themes this week, and I believe that I have found one – I hope. The clean white one was nice – but it didn’t allow me to have comments on my pages. Then the coffee colored one was fine, but didn’t offer a clean contrast. Then I went to a WordPress theme called soulvision. I liked it, but it didn’t allow the stats to be tracked – on any platform it seemed, so I found this one. I worked with it a bit last night (not familiar with CSS) to get the heading right, and the links to show a bit better. I think that it will work for a while.

I might spend a week on Nehemiah – either this week or next, not sure yet. Also, I want to post about 1st Timothy 3.11, as well some more on the Arius letters.

Well, I am off to the park with my family, to celebrate God in His first cathedral.

You know, I think I see the sun coming out.

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