Sunday Thoughts – 6/7

Sunrise on the Lake
Sunrise on the Lake

It has been a long week – my first week on this new website. I have had to figure out the comments – here’s hoping they are working now (if not email me). Matter of fact, feel free to email me anyway. I had to figure out posting routines, theme quirks, and make sure that I didn’t do anything that would destroy the planet. It was not easy. Let me plug again, the fine company helping with all of this – and maybe, if you want some help, you will show him some kindness – brickswithoutstraw.

I have enjoyed this week, especially the conversations on the translation on certain pronouns in John’s Prologue. I have something that I hope to post this week, detailing John’s Prologue and the Wisdom Tradition. Further, this week, I hope to be able to finish my review of James White’s book on the KJVO controversy. I also have the American’s Patriot Bible to review as well.

If there are topics that you want to see discussed, please feel free to email me. I am always up for suggestions.

Below is a review that I did this week on the NLT Study Bible.

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