Sunday Thoughts – 6/28

I think I want another vacation, if not need one, but you eventually have face the issues which plague you.

This morning, my family and I went to Coonskin Park (just up the road, and over the mountain from our home) to have a Sunday morning service. Reading from Matthew 12.24-37, we discussed the who gave Christ His authority, and the fact that a civil war destroys the thing over which the battle wages. Can a family stand if the individual parts war against each other? A congregation? Even a person?

And we discussed the fruits of trees. I think they got it. They understood that we can tell what a tree is by looking for the fruit. Trying to connect this to identifying a Christian, I think, I hope, that I got them past the outside appearance. Yes, we dress modestly, but I do not want them thinking that simply because a person dresses in a godly manner, that they are absolved of treating people like garbage.

We fed the ducks, and enjoyed the playground for a bit. This might actually become a habit! And for the closing, my son led – well sort of – the prayer, which his eyes tightly closed.

I hope that in your Sunday, you can just a few minutes to worship God with someone. And if there is no one to be found, stand with us as we sing praises to God and enjoy His good presence.

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