Sunday Thoughts – 6/21

To all the father’s out there – Happy Father’s Day!

Well, we are back from our vacation – tired, and thinking of taking another to get over this one! But, alas, I cannot. We have to unpack, do laundry, answer emails, and spend Father’s Day together. Our cats missed us, and we have things to do around the house. If only….

The vacation was good for many reasons – we had to get away for a while, to clear my mind to let God speak. Do you know how that is? Well, I think God did speak, rather pushed, and eased my mind for a bit. I have to leave things up to Him more, you know? So, that’s what I am going to do. On Monday, I will have a special announcement about a future direction in my ministry. I’ve been praying about it, and I believe that it’s in God’s will, plus, someone already is searching for it.

The podcasts will resume next week, and will serve as the basis for this new direction. They will be longer, and more ‘preachey’.

I am not one for these ‘holidays.’ I mean, why take just one day out of the year to celebrate anything? Isn’t a mother a mother the rest of the year? A father too? Instead of taking a day to give mom or dad a break and to show appreciation, perhaps it should be done on a continual basis? I get gifts from my children every day – hugs, kisses, drawings, ‘I love you’s, ‘you’re my best daddy I ever had’ and more! My heart is filled with joy because of my children – going to be a third one for the next Father’s Day.

And besides, my daughter was born the day before Father’s Day – can you beat that gift? Or the love of a family that has developed through the rough times these past few years? No, gift-giving is not a competition, but my family is the only gift I’ll ever need.

But, it is their day to be ‘extra’ nice to daddy, so I will not rain on their parade. They intend of giving me more hugs and kisses today, so I guess I can stand that, I reckon…

We have a deficit of good fathers in the world today – and it is destroying the lives of young men and women. My own was not worth the space that it takes to write about him, so I don’t have a real problem measuring up. It would have been better, I believe, if he was not around, but he was – but beyond him, I have had some excellent male role models in my life, and for this, I thank God. My (former) step-father, my grandfather, and others, who had taught me in various ways, what it takes to be a ‘man’, but more than that, helped me along life’s journey by giving me highway marks.

So, today for Father’s Day, I take remembrance of those that have given me their time and their wisdom as father figures.

And I take the time to give to those that have made me a father – my dear wife and my growing brood of children.

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