Sunday Thoughts – 6/20, West Virginia Day and Father’s Day

Seriously, that groundhog couldn’t have given us an extra twelve weeks of winter? It is so hot outside that all I want to do is stay inside and blog, not that the temperature controls that. Or would prevent that.

Today is Father’s Day and for you poor souls who live in every other place except here, it is West Virginia Day. On 20 June 1863, Abraham Lincoln, in just one of his many unconstitutional acts, declared the secession of the western counties of Virginia valid as a free and independent State. Today, we celebrate the creation of the better Virginia and another state which is better than Ohio (but of course, which State or square foot of radiated land isn’t?).

And today, as we celebrate our ‘mountain mother’ we also pause to celebrate our earthly fathers

Today is my eighth Father’s Day, although honestly, I celebrate Father’s Day every day because I am a Father, every day.

Tomorrow is a State holiday, so don’t expect much blogging, as I hope to be able to take the family down to Summersville Lake for a swim. It is an hour and half away, but the water is so nice and cool, blue and beautiful. Like me, but blue. I do have a few posts worked out for the rest of the week, with a hopeful review coming, but we’ll see. It will be a busy week for me at the day job, so… we’ll see how those plans work out.

Have a great day.

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