Sunday Thoughts – 6/13


That’s my family of bibles, or the bibles of my family perhaps. From right to left, my daughter’s, son’s, wife’s, and mine. Or at least it was today. When we went to church. I’ll share more about that in an upcoming post.

Let me just say, I still love the NLT.

Next Sunday is Father’s Day and as a father of three now, I do tend to take advantage of this particular gift giving holiday. I am planning on getting more than a few books from my wishlist. However, before that blessed event is the blessed event of what started me on my journey to fatherhood, my daughter’s birthday. On Tuesday, we’ll fete her with a new bible cover and a dinner of her choosing.

I have a few posts already written for the upcoming week, along with two reviews, possibly a third if I can get it where I want it to be, and of course, republication of my giveaways. Make sure you sign up! Repeatedly!!!!

I am waiting on acceptance (or rejection) from St. Andrews, but I suspect that it will take until July for that to actually happen (or not happen). I appreciate those who gave references.I do plan on still taking advantage of the UNISA Masters’ program as well, but plans change, don’t they?

It has been a different weekend. I have been praying for something to happen, anything, to break loose about finding a church. It did. I don’t want to say too much, but the long winter of Sunday mornings only with the family should be about over with, if not over with completely. God is good. He doesn’t always give me what I want nor gives me what I need how I want it, but still, I get what I need. I’ll share more with you as our journey continues.

Otherwise, I’ll see throughout the week!

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