Sunday Thoughts 5/31

This blog post is cross posted between my two blogs – to start the new one off right. I had settled for .me, but under the implications – and well founded – that it appeared to be ‘me’ I bought two more domains. Then, while I was looking for another domain, I found the .us which had seemingly become available that week. It is a rather important domain, as I know the people who use to have it  – and never will again. For this, I am grateful.

I have prepared a podcast this morning, in two parts, due to some ‘technical difficulties’ – which you may or may not hear! It’s not like I am a professional!

Part 1

Part 2

I hope that you like the new blog – and the feature rich environment that I hope to be able to use.

This will be the last post at the site, and by next week, I will close it down. (Well, make it private anyway.) Unfortunately, not all comments transferred, meaning that I have lost about 50-75 comments. I am working on getting them back.

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