Sunday Thoughts – 5/3

It’s Sunday, the time to communion with God in the fellowship of Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

I am on the road, I would say, somewhere between Roanoke, WV and Charleston. I can only imagine that the drive down is as beautiful as the drive up.

Attached is a song, which I happen to like

I am contemplating a correlation between the Incarnation and the Scriptures. How often I run into those that hold a false doctrine which denies the words of God to be given to every man, woman, and child, in their own tongue. I am working on it, but if you want to give me your thoughts, let me know.

Simply put, God became flesh so that man could become divine. He came down to our level so that we could be partakers of the divine nature. The Scriptures are divine things – breathed out by God – yet some seek to hold these things in a language 400 years old. Does this not deny, in part, the act of the Incarnation? Do we attempt to keep God so aloft that we cannot begin to truly know Him, but must ask others for that help?

When William Tyndale first put pen to parchment to translation the bible into a language that even the ploughboy could read, he fought tyrannical authorities which sought to keep the bible from the everyday man. He was later killed by Rome for such a crime as this.

Physical death is not always as painful asĀ  and attack by a brother or sister.

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