Sunday Thoughts – 5/23 – Pentecost Sunday

Today is Pentecost Sunday. No, it is not just for Pentecostals, but it has been long celebrated for a millenia or two as the day that ‘church began.’

We started our day early, drank our 8 cups of Community Coffee (for me anyway, the kids just had 1), headed to the park with our breakfast and bread for the fowl. It was a nice cool morning. (Not so much in the afternoon) It was a nice morning to talk about Pentecost – the first one in Exodus 19 and the New one in Acts 2, and brought it to a close with Hebrews 12. Granted, I seriously doubt the children understood much beyond the pat answers, although they do surprise me from time to time.

A busy week this week – I’ll be out of the office Monday through Wednesday in day-long meetings. I have two book reviews to write, plus another special project, so what time I have that is not my day job, I will try to put sometime into the blog. Not sure though, so keep me in your prayers.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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