Sunday Thoughts 5/17

The Revival has come and gone, but this morning, I suspect we will have a great teacher, a former pastor of the Church in Dyersburg, TN.

We have known him for several years now, but my wife is still scared of him. He is a stern man of God, I believe, and preaches the sound doctrine of the Faith.

I had intended to finish a podcast for today, but simply became to busy over the past few days to get anything done. (We had a house guest). But, if I get a chance today to do it, I will run it tonight.

We had our ultrasound on Friday to find out what it is – but I will wait until tomorrow to post the results.

We are exhausted this morning, to be honest, and not our dapper selves, but that is part and parcel of a three day tent revival, house guests, company, etc… Our house guest is the Pastor of a Church in Decatur, Michigan, and like me, is a very technical person. So, when he is here, once a year, we spend the night discussing the word of God in depth.

I am going to try to do a few posts this week – although this week is going to be a busy one as well. We go live this week with the new website which will be or for Bene, I want to finish my review on the American Patriot’s Bible and a review on the KJVO Controversy by James White. It is fitting that I should do this at this time.

Further, I want to examine Jesus Christ as the Thief. I also plan to study some more of the Arian documents of the 4th Century.

Well, I have to run, but if I get a chance to do the podcast this afternoon, I’ll run it this afternoon.

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