Sunday Thoughts – 5/16

We returned to the park this Sunday morning, and what a beautiful day it was. Our friends were there – the chipmunk, the geese and the ducks. We had our breakfast, fed and then chased the various winged creatures and then fed them some more, and of course, had our morning family devotional time thingie. I know, I should either find me a local congregation or start my own, neither of which suits me at this time. Not real sure about the validity of ‘starting my own’ which is the common thing to do in my area of the religious world. I have very, you might say, exacting standards about where I could go. Not who I can worship with, but just where I can hang my hat on Sunday morning.

Speaking of, how many really think that the Apostles would appreciate us removing ourselves from the world on Sunday Morning, staring at the minister who speaks from an elevated stand of sorts while our children are in another room?

Still looking for a postgraduate degree. I do not want a traditional seminary degree. Actually, if I have my choice, it would be between two out-of-state institutions, that is the problem. Out of State. I have a well-paying job, three children, and I love West Virginia. I simply don’t want to give that up. I want an MA in Biblical Studies where I can move on to a terminal degree in Biblical Studies focusing in on Second Temple Judaism, The Parting of the Ways, up until the end of the 4th century of Christianity. Theology is fine, I reckon, but I want the historical foundations, culture and context of the New Testament thought world. I am checking on various distant friendly – and cost friendly – ideas, so we’ll see. However, if any of you, my dear readers, should know of a rich benefactor who wants to contribute to my collegiate fund, pass them on. (because you know, that happens in the real world. 🙂 )

I might turn my attention to the Psalms starting this week – and would invite my contributors to join in as well. The Church was told to sing these Psalms, and as I was listening to my Sons of Korah cd (got one!) I caught myself in something that I wonder if the first century choir did. You try to sing the Psalms, and when you sing about ‘the LORD’ who pops into your mind? Maybe it is 2000 years of pre-conditioned theological expectation, but when signing about the goodness of the Lord, or the Lord’s glory, etc… Who else can I think of? We know that some of these Psalms were used by the early Church (read the Epistle to the Hebrews); it would not be an uncommon thought to expect some sort of theological understanding of who the Psalms’ Lord was in comparison to Jesus Christ to not develop in the New Community.

Oh, and I have three things to give away this week. Also, from around the web, there will be a monthly book giveaway from this blogger. And there is another contest still yet! There is the perennial conversation on cessionism and tongues going around. Stuart points us to an interesting article. And Bitsy has an article about mean, old Librarians, or at least, that is my reaction. James is plowing away at his book reviews. Jason is continuing what Kevin started. Nick and Brian jumped in as well. And Jim has a friendly reminder of the ills of OHIO.

Enjoy your day and your week, my friends.

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