Sunday Thoughts – 4/4 – Easter

There are proofs of the life of the Historical Jesus, but when biblical studies end, when science ends, when the efforts of men end, faith takes up the Cause of Christ and we are compelled to believe in the unbelievable, reason that the unreasonable happened, and stand upon a foundation of stories passed through the ages. The Resurrection cannot be proven by science, and I turn my nose up at the stench caused by those who try to prove it or explain it. For me, the Resurrection is the most difficult thing to believe, but it is upon that fact that I rest my case in issue of Jesus Christ.

Today is Resurrection Day – for the East and the West, although for Christians everyday must be Resurrection Day. Paul said that he died daily, imitating Christ. Should we do no less?

Our baptism, as Paul said in Romans 6, is our sharing in the death and burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, so it is more than a symbolic act of men to placate membership. No, our baptism is our call to the suffering Christ and the glorious Christ.

Have you been baptized? According to Scripture? Have you started your journey in Christ? Is faith becoming something more than an intellectual assent? Is faith calling you to something more?

Let the day be about Christ, my friends.




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