Sunday Thoughts – 4/18

It has been a  long weekend. First, last weekend, I upgraded to unlimited hosting at GoDaddy. For the past few days, I am been trying to convince them that something was wrong. For some reason, my site was experiencing intermittent 302 directs which was telling Google that I had temporarily moved. Know what this does? It tells the search engines to stop indexing your site. I only noticed the problem during the last few days, but it could very well have been going on before. I do know that a 302 direct is a type of hijacking which scam sites will use for more popular sites, as a sort of hacking of page ranking, etc… Since these sites are pretty secure now, people have come up with a way to circumnavigate breaking in, so they use the 302 redirect. Not sure that happened or not, but I do know that I first noticed the problem when I moved (seamlessly) to the upgraded GoDaddy servers. I do know that the 302 redirect was effecting my other domains, so I couldn’t let that go on.

So, I spent the better part of the day yesterday trying to figure out the problem. Well, when I did, there was little to do except to break the existing domains down into dedicated IP’s, meaning their own dedicated server spots, which I have done for one domain, working on migration for a second, and then waiting to see if it fixing my redirect problem for this one that you are looking at. Generally, you don’t see anything, but sites like web-sniffer does, meaning that search engines do as well. I don’t really care about page rank, etc… but considering that I am writing for various non-vain reasons, such as trying to interact and better myself by that interaction, trying to tell a story, and trying to correct a few things, (as oppose to believing that I am merely blogging for myself) getting that message(s) out entails search engines. So, I think I have the problem solved. However, if on Tuesday, you come to this site and guess what? No site. That means that I’ve had to back-up the database, clean out my site, restore the site and the database, etc… which takes some time.

Then, our little one, Sophia, is experiencing at once a tooth coming in and a sore throat, so guess who was up and fussy all night? She seems to be better now, sleeping with her mommy. Wait, I think she is waking up. Thanks all.

But, yesterday, we had a dear adopted family member – she us and we her – be our guest for a while, breakfast and then grillin’ on the barbie. (That’s Australian for ‘We grilled several steaks, yesterday, on our propane grill.) Had a blast.

This week is going to be a somewhat busy week, but I have a few things in the hopper. I’ve been spending time getting my other site ready, which will feature nothing but things that I have written. There is a method to my madness, most days, er, like 10% of the time.

We will do our family devotional later today, when everyone is a wee bit less grouchy – mainly mommy and daddy.

My son turned 6 on Thursday. He is convinced that he is somehow more grown up today than he was on Wednesday. Of course, adults do the same thing. I mean, when I turned 30, I was so much more older on January 24th than I was on January 22nd. Imagine when I hit 40! Wait, don’t imagine that.

Hope all is well with each of you!

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