Sunday Thoughts 3/8

The year is moving faaaaast (this is not a typ0, you know who you are! smiling here) now, almost a third gone now. Time flies, whether you are having fun or not.

I hope all of you are well this morning. We are, as usual, getting ready to attend services this morning. And what a beautiful morning it is! It is supposed to be rather warm today, and frankly, it feels rather well, even knowing what is laying just after this warm spell.

Tradition. It’s an ugly word, don’t you think? I mean, so often we allow tradition to influence us past the truth. Take doctrine for instance. How many do you know would rather stick with grandma and grandpa than to look at the bible for themselves? Or the thoughts and assumptions of others? How often do we take the words of others and judge people by them?

I have a few things planned for this week, posts I mean. Tomorrow is our fist visit to the midwife, so expect one from that. Also, I will continue with studying Marcellus of Ancrya and I have a post planned on the making of Tertullian into a post-Nicaean Trinitarian. What is historically funny, is that the word that he invented, consubstantial, was thouht too ‘modalistic’ by the East post Nicaea. I would take it a matter of difference that consubstantial (of the same substance, from the Latin) meant homoousia (same essence, from the Greek), especially since Damasus (late 4th century), Bishop of Rome, would redefine Tertullian’s formula to reflect Nicaean theology. The Latin substanstia translates the Greek hupostasis. The Latin essentia translates the Greek ousia. Hypostasis, by the way, the biblical word of the two.I’ll save the rest of this conversation for sometime later in the week.

Mike and Kelly Bowling have a new song playing, called ‘Notified.’ Oh, it’s a beautiful song, really. It speaks about a saint not having to worry about problems, because God has already been notified. I mean, this is very biblical. But, this song was realized on the heels of their number one hit, Your Cries have Awoken the Master. That song is about praying and crying all night, and waking the Master up. Seriously? Is God sleeping? Do we need to wake Him up to tell Him our problems? Does He really not know? Or is He already notified about our situation?

Below is Psalm 144 from the Greek, song in the Byzantine style.  The Psalms are theologically correct, wouldn’t you say?

If you looking for a good biblical church, join us this morning, why don’t you? If you cannot, give God the glory and praise that He has given you another day, and seek Him more today than yesterday, and tomorrow more than today.

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