Sunday Thoughts 3/22

We have made it through another week. As I sit here in Charleston, WV, the temperature is 28 degrees. I will kill me a groundhog.

I have had a busy week this week, but it is that time of year. For all those interested in politics, let me give you this advice – stay way. Politics is a black spot on the soul of humanity.

I hope all is well with each of you this morning. Our pastor’s brother, and brother in the Lord, is still in NSICU. The blockage is large. The family is tore all to pieces. And we can offer only prayers. It is easy to say, standing this far out, that the will of the Lord will be done, but it is difficult to watch that will being done if that will is no in accordance with what you really want to happen.

I will finish my week of Creeds, since I didn’t get finished last week. And I have at least one book review that I am working on and I will publish that this week – I hope. I am also preparing a post on wrestling with the issue of textual criticism as well as continuing the monitoring of the collapse of the Joyner-Grady ticket over the Bentley issue. I am still amazed that J. Lee Grady has become the voice that he has, a loyal opposition, if you will.

We are heading to Church this morning, as we do every Sunday morning, with the Lord on our minds. I could sit in the pews and point out the things that I see wrong, but in doing so, I would be ignoring God and my own correction. It has taken me a while to get to this point – and trust me, sometimes I have to battle it out in service – but my eyes are fixed on Christ, not on my brothers and sisters and that that would be so. God will correct others in His own time, assuming that they need correction, of course.

I pray that all of those looking for a place to call home will find it, or perhaps God will send someone there to build a house.

If there are other issues which you want to see discussed, please let me know. I like to explore.

Well, gotta go. Friends, we are praying for you and we love you in the Lord. God willing, perhaps we will meet before the end of this life, and if not, then we can catch up on the other side.

I’ll leave you now, with one of my favorite childhood hymns, On the Wings of a Dove,

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  1. – We are heading to Church this morning, as we do every morning, with the Lord on our minds. –

    My Mother went to Mass every morning (Sunday to Saturday) until she died. She was a strict Catholic in that she fasted an hour before Mass, never ate meat on Ash Wednesday and Fridays during Lent, was distraught one Good Friday when she inadvertently ate meat, and was actively involved in the parish. I’d say she had the Lord on her mind most of the time – she went out of her way to do what in her heart was the right thing.

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