Sunday Thoughts – 3/1

It is the start of a new month, March, and it is still snowing, cold, and ugly out. Somewhere, in a hole, a groundhog is laughing at me.

Anyway, I pray that all is well with you. It has been a busy week here at the house of Polycarp, but that happens every now and then.

The economy, we are reminded, is the worse that it has been in 25 years, on some days, since the Great Depression, on other days. But, dear Child of God, are you worried? We see bad news all the time, and we are not the first. Think about it, for a minute. We have an 8.5 unemployment rate. Do you realize that many countries have double that, triple that even, and that was before the economic crisis. This is a good moment of the Church to show the love and mercy of the Saints. We see someone hurting, help them, and be to them the hands of God in this world. In every crisis, and every high point, we have an moment to give God the praise.

I got me a new phone yesterday, tired of my Palm Centro. Now, I didn’t rush out and get an expensive one – I do not believe in materialistic ventures – but I was able to get a better one for about 20$. Of all the features that it comes with, I am grateful for the fact that I can load E-Sword and Olive Tree. E-Sword is by far and away the best bible program for free while Olive Tree provides free resources, I am only interested in their NETS module. E-Sword has a better layout and is more readable as a program. I look forward to using these programs in church, for a quick assassination attempt against the preacher. (Am I being humorous? Um….)

Our congregation of the Church will be having a tent revival in May. I will post more about this later, of course, but I wanted to invited each of you. It will be in Sharon, WV, with hotels in Charleston. I might be able to help for lodging, if given enough notice. The only thing that I can promise is that if you come, I promise I will not preach to you.

Elvis is on the radio, singing Farther Alone. Growing up in Louisiana, I had heard about the singing of this song in the hills of West Virginia, at a little mountain Church. If you get to come up here, I will show you one of the most beautiful structures devoted to God.

I have discovered Greek Byzantine Psalms, sung, on youtube no less. I am going to have to find me a cd or something. It is something to listen to these hymns, knowing that for nearly 2000 years, these psalms have been sung.

We should be reminded, from time to time, that the Church was not born speaking English, under the American flag, with the KJV in hand singing Southern Gospel. We have a communion with those Apostles when we break bread together. Sometimes, I feel like we are on the battle line with Peter and Paul, not needing someone else to tell us what they really meant when they wrote those simple words of Faith. The sheep are still being fed by Peter, and Paul is still beating down the doors to share the love of God and the doctrine of the Church. And we are still being reprimanded along side the Corinthians and edified with the Philadelphians for our love to the Saints.

Well, I have kept you long enough. I have to get ready for church now. God bless, my friends

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