Sunday Thoughts, 2/8

Well, here we are again, Sunday morning. Has anything changed for you this week? It has for me, but I cannot tell you until tomorrow. I have one more person to tell this morning – and then I’ll make a general announcement, I reckon.

I was perusing the search engine terms that have brought people here this week, and I have found some interesting ones.

  • the south will rise again
  • pyramit by branham
  • gay christian singers
  • how do we become the new testament church
  • sid roth
  • doctrines of salvation joseph f. smith j
  • edmund kwan false prophet blog

Over the past few months, the search term “Sid Roth” have brought in thousands of people – and not all of them happy with me. And of course, this past week has seen a few of the articles that I have posted concerning Arnold Murray gain attention. Personally, I have no problem being one of the top sites to benefits from searches like that – at least there is a chance that those in favor of such false prophets could see something to direct them in the right direction.

It has been a great week for me, and I hope for you. (Wb, we are praying for you)

John Chrysostom, in his homily on Colossians, wrote,

“This is the cause of all evils, the not knowing the Scriptures. We go into battle without arms, and how are we to come off safe?”

How true this is. We see this in Edmond Kwan and his gospel where the Apostles disobeyed Christ, leaving him to fulfill the establishment of the Church. We see this in the likes of Arnold Murray who, following William Branham, teaches his blinded disciples something called the ‘serpent seed doctrine.’ How heinous and filthy both of these doctrines truly are.

Take Kwan’s gospel of disobedience. He says that he proves himself as follower of ‘Jesus’ by the ‘miracles’ that he has performed. Yet, he denies Scripture, destroys the Canon and any hope that Christ was who He said He was and doing what He said He was doing.

Then you have the racist Arnold Murray who believes that some people(s) are literal descendants of the adversary. Both, because they have ‘learned’ the Scriptures have triumphed because those that follow them do not know the Scriptures, not enough to defend the Church and her mighty and beautiful doctrine against the wickedness of both of these men.

I love the doctrine of the Church – it is as sweet as honey, built upon great men with Jesus Christ being the chief cornerstone. It is a doctrine worth defending, and worth telling others about. I can talk about it for hours, the history, the applications, the differences of interpretation – if given a platform or if I catch my wife unaware.

But if you corrupt it, it can be used as a weapon against Christ and His people. It can be used to trick the simple, and destroy souls. This is why we must be vigilant in preservation of the Church.

In a little bit, we’ll head out to Church service this morning, to celebrate our communion among the Saints and to worship our God, Jesus Christ. We will sings glad songs – perhaps poorly for some of us, but glad nonetheless. We will hear a good word of God, enjoy warm fellowship, and retire for Sunday afternoon rest in anticipation for tonight’s service. God is good.

I hope that all of you, each of you, whether you like me or not, find this day good and joyful.

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