Sunday Thoughts 2/22

It’s snowing again, and a lot as well. It is pretty, for the first month or so, but I am sure looking forward to Spring. When I was growing up, I hated summer – I had to do things, outside, and have fun, outside, and be with people, outside. But the winter time – though not much of one in Louisiana – I could stay inside.

Now, I am looking forward to the summer time, to do things, outside, to have fun outside, to be with people, outside. Things change, I reckon.

I hope today finds each of you well, and looking to God. We had a pretty rough week in – both my wife and my daughter were sick for the better part of the week, and my and my son were left to fend for ourselves. We did okay. The house is still standing.

I am trying to make the decision to go to church – we travel up a holler – meaning no snow plow sometimes. And believe it or not, people in this state do not know how to drive when it starts to snow, or rain, or sunshine.

My children are excited about the new addition to home, and we are praying that everything is fine. Granted, for some, prayer may be ‘laziness’ but for me, it is comfort and it takes work and a great amount of faith.

I will finish my series on Ignatius this week, along with doing some more work on Marcellus. I have a few posts in reserve that I will try to finish and get out this week as well. I am anxious to return to Tertullian and Sirach as well.

My goodness, that snow is really coming down out there now!

Well, I guess we had best get an earlier start. I’ll leave you with a song. I like the words.

We are having an old fashioned tent revival in May, here near Charleston, West Virginia. I think that it is the weekend after Mother’s Day. If you get a chance to come, let me know! Stay warm, all

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