Sunday Thoughts, 2/15

Tomorrow is the birthday of the blog…1 year from my first post…more on that tomorrow.

I had a little time this morning, getting up before the rooster, so I was reading differing things, and came across a lot of nasty things said about blog viewer. I have received just a few hits from it, but in all, I find that no matter the source, it is important for me to see people coming here. It is not about ‘hits’, mind you, but the bigger the hits, the better the chance of just one person seeing something that will make their day or life better – not because of me, but because of Christ.

I think of the testimony this week of something posted earlier in the week. I made my heart glad to read what she had written. (If you want to know, go through this weeks posts and look at the comments.) And there are others who have read this blog that have been strengthened here or there – of course they are all outnumbered – not outweighed – by the commentators who hate the things that I post. That’s fine. I prefer quality over quantity – and if the Truth angers the entire world but helps just one person, then that is why I am here. Compromising the truth never benefits anyone, eternally.

We made it home from our dedication service sometime yesterday evening. We had a great time in God and it was wonderful to see the pastor and his wife doing the things of the Lord. He has a nice large church, with a goal to reach the people of the community for Jesus Christ. And I hope that I can do whatever I can to help him, but for now, I will pray.

The trip was nice, to see God’s green earth, The mountains, as always, are beautiful, and I never tire of seeing them. For all you flat-landers out there, MOVE! Seriously, I love this slice of earth, and cannot see myself happy anywhere else.

Everyone, except my son is still sleeping – my wife and daughter anyway. My wife is requiring a bit more sleep these days. (wink wink). But that is okay – she will be the one getting up in the middle of the nights very shortly while I sleep, well, like a baby.

Have you ever been in a place where you desire to do something for God is so great, but not equal to the prevention that is on your shoulders?

Well, I hope all is well with each of you, and may your day be filled with the blessings of God. Julio, if you are reading this, well, the invite is still open to you.

My friends, I will see you tomorrow.

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