Sunday Thoughts – 2/14

It has been a really long week, but just a few more, and it will be 2011.

The sun is finally shining, for a bit anyway. Supposedly, we are in for another snowstorm starting this afternoon which will last for a long, long time. I hate groundhogs. I mean, they should be extinct. Completely and utterly extinct. Bless. their. little. hearts.

I have a few things planned for this week, including a few reviews and examining the Voice, from Thomas Nelson. So far, I have three reviews planned. Planned. Plans changes, though.

We had a nice relaxing weekend, and I hope you did as well.

I reckon Lent starts this week. How many of you are going to do something ‘Lenty’? In discussing these things with the children this morning, Landon said that he would give up his toys. Growing up, the biggest thing to give up for Lent in Catholic Louisiana was chocolate. Why is that? Is that really a sacrifice? We are contemplating the Lenten season not because of any move West or East, but there is something to a walking faith which treats everything as a remembrance of the Divine Calender.

While reading the Mosaic this morning, I can across a passage from Athanasius, which was a real delight. If you don’t already have a Mosaic, you might want to consider getting one. I will be using this passage later in the week, to be sure.

I really like this song, but have yet to find an mp3 yet – so I might have to order the cd.

Speaking of songs, I heard this one today, thought it was interesting. It is from a Waylon Jennings song which I have been unable to locate except on a 166 dollar album. Considering that I don’t listen to country, it would be a colossal waste of money to buy that package for one selection.

Somewhere in Vietnam a 19-year-old soldier
Walked out of a barroom
And he said, I must be seeing things
That bourbon hit me like a baseball bat
In Bellfast Ireland a little lady
Dropped her shovel in her garden
She raced across the yard
And ask her neighbor Mrs Clancy, what was that.

In Memphis Tennessee a teacher
Raised the window, closest the river
And the children in her classroom swore
They’d heard a choir singing down the street
In Washington DC
A private secretary’s lips began to quiver
And the President just put aside his papers
And rose quickly to his feet.

I lay in a cheap motel in the arms
Of someone else’s woman
When a loud explosion rocked the room
And turned the morning into night
I jumped out of bed and ran into the street
With hardly any clothes on
As the sky lit up my heart stood still
And I could feel my face was turnin’ white.

All at once the clouds rolled back
And there stood Jesus Christ in all his glory
And I realized the saddest eyes
I’d ever seen were lookin’ straight at me
I guess I was awakened by
The penetrating sounds of my own screamin’
And it didn’t take me long to stumble
Out of bed and fall down on my knees.

As tears rolled down my face I cried
Dear God, I’m thankful I was only dreamin’
And if I never go to hell, Lord
It’ll be because you scared it out of me…

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