Sunday Thoughts – 2/13

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These last few weeks have been great, personally. Of course, this coming week is going to be one filled with board meetings. We’ll see how that goes.

I am still praying that we see success in Egypt and hoping that we see Iran fall to moderation in the coming weeks. I have to wonder if not having an ‘enemy’ to fight against, or the ever present threat of dispensationalism, will stop people from supporting these movements?

This is the final week for this quarter at Seminary, with next week being reading week. Pretty sure I’m going to enjoy that. This week, however, I have lots of work to do. And, you’ll see it.

Oh… and the contest is ending soon... could be any day now…

Also, I am working on turning the entire book of Revelation into a liturgical exercise for my final project )Work of Worship class) and would appreciate any help you can give.

And, just because I feel sorta bad about calling for the extinction of all ground hogs, let me just say that these last few days – and the next week – look super awesome weather wise. So, as long as the ground hogs keep bringing us good weather, they can stay. For now.

How do you end you week and get ready for the next? Any informal ritual? Moments of reflection, prayer or other?

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