Sunday Thoughts – 1/9

Site of the baptism of Jesus Christ (2007-05-812)
Image by Argenberg via Flickr

It was a beautiful Sunday morning this morning, and although cold, it was great to get out and go to church.

This has been a rather long week, or maybe it was just the weekend. I hope that the next one will be much better.

It is the second week of the year, and the Sunday which many who use the ancient calendar celebrate the baptism of Christ. We have to remember that the ancients used this calendar to live by. It was not just about myths and religion, but about making the Gospel story a daily part of their lives.

This week is going to be a busy week. I’ve got three Board meetings as well as the Legislative session starting, so…

Our pastor spoke this morning to the tragedy which happened and continues to happen in Arizona and to the need for us as Christians to stand up against vitriolic speech. I am looking forward to hearing more from him, especially in light of speech such as this.

I have a few posts this week, not many but a few.

But, until this, have a great week.

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