Sunday Thoughts – 1/30

I’ve had some really good weeks, personally, and I feel more comfortable in my own skin lately, you know?

For the next two weeks, it is going to be pretty normal at work, so maybe I’ll have time to catch up on my reading and the such. I have a few blog posts set up for this week, but I suspect I’ll get more inspiration along the way.

We had a great service this morning with the pastor giving what is best termed ‘The State of the Congregation.’ One of the things which I enjoy about my new home is the connection between the congregation and the community, and not merely in an outreach sorta way. They provide a lot of assistance to those who are without.

Part of the focus, at least if I understood it correctly, was home study groups. Personally, I find this of value, namely because it hearkens back to both the early days of the Church and Methodism. But, we’ll see.

I hope that you have a great week!

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