Sunday Thoughts – 12/6 – 2nd Sunday of Advent

The days are getting shorter, the air crisper, and snow is still on the ground. Its the most wonderful time of the year. (Um….sounds like the title of a song…) Of course, if you are in Kiwi-land, you might be experiencing the warm doldrums of summer. Shame on you 🙂

We had our regular morning devotional, this time adding a bit to it. We discussed the Lord’s Prayer before we moved into the 2nd week of Advent readings in the Mosaic. We are having the children pray more, teaching them what it means to petition the Lord first for others, then for our needs, then for repentance. This might take a while for them to get some handle on it. We had our readings from the Mosaic and then headed off to grandma’s house for our Sunday visit.

I’ll say this, but let me preference it by saying that I am not suggesting that we stop loving each other or showing our love to each other or in any way implying that gifts cannot be used to show love, but that we focus on what is important:

I am getting a wee bit tired of commercials in which diamonds and other large purchases are used to show true love. Of course, in a  world where a man can offer 80 million dollars for his wife for six years, why not assume that love can best be shown through large monetary gifts.

Of course, I get a bit curmudgeony this time of year as it is.

I don’t mind the holiday season, I reckon, so much as the focus and the mythtelling. I also find it funny that the most virulently anti-Catholics celebrate one of the most Roman of holidays. They spend the rest of the year preaching against Rome, but willingly bring in Roman enterprises ignoring their own hypocrisy. Go figure. For me, it is a time of familiar and reflection upon the year; a time of togetherness and thankfulness in which we mark our cultural traditions which have developed these many years now. Plus, it’s the only time I get to listen to ‘Christmas’ music and not look really odd. I generally look really odd anyway, but add Joy to the World in July and wow!


This week, I’ve got a few posts written, or starting to be written, which will focus on a few random things, including something from the early Christian writers about the government. Also, something on rhetorical styles in the bible.

I’ll announce the winners of my Friday contest on Monday.

Have a great week, and God bless.

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9 Replies to “Sunday Thoughts – 12/6 – 2nd Sunday of Advent”

  1. and in Feb I’ll be there yadeyadeya – two fun kiwi conferences under a big yellow kiwi sun and then a tiki tour up the beaches to visit my whanau – so I don’t get S.A.D!!!

    I miss ‘carols by candlelight’ when we all used to go to the Botanical Gardens – on a warm summer evening – holding candles and singing carols… She has a very pretty voice.

      1. yes it’s horrid here too. And the days are dark and short… I can’t wait for February! I’m dreading the long haul, but oh what bliss will be down there at the end!

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