Sunday Thoughts – 1/23

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It was a truly beautiful morning – the sun was shining, some snow falling, and it was one day closer to Spring.

Thanks to my fellow bloggers who wished me a happy birthday and to the many of my facebook friends who did as well. It has been a wonderful day. First, two of children were baptized and joined the covenant of the people of God. Second, it was my first time as the liturgist at Church. Then, of course, it was my birthday.

No, no cake or anything like that. But, my wife did make me breakfast yesterday morning and shrimp etoufee in the evening. It was a good day to spend with my family.

The Legislature is in town so I’m going to have a busy few months. But, I do have a few posts that I’m working on, a few books to read, and of course, the daily RSS feed.

This week has been a good mental week and looking forward to the next one. My second semester starts next week, although I start one class this week. Of course… these things provide posting material…

One of the songs sung this morning was this:

O church of God, united to serve one common goal,
Proclaim to all God’s message, with hearts in glad accord.
Christ ever goes before us; we follow day by day
With strong and eager footsteps along the upward way.

Though creeds and tongues may differ, they speak, O Christ, of thee;
And in thy loving Spirit we shall one people be.
Lord, may our faithful service and singleness of aim
Proclaim to all the power of thy redeeming name.

May thy great prayer be answered that we may all be one,
Close bound, by love united in thee, God’s blessed Son:
To bring a vibrant witness, to make the pathway bright,
That souls which grope in weariness may find your living light.

Anyway, I liked the song. I liked that portion of John too.

Have a great week!

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