Sunday Thoughts – 12/19 – Fourth Sunday of Advent

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Finally… able to return to church. We missed only a Sunday morning, and a few activities, but it felt like we had been gone a month! It is good, again, to have a place that is a part of your lives – that you miss when you aren’t there.

I have LOTS of posts written. Okay, so actually, they are reposts from the last several years. I do that, you know. It makes it easier.

By the way, read this post.

This past week, a body of a man was found under a bridge. He had died of exposure. In the wealthiest nation on earth, a man can still die in such a way. Merry Christmas.

I have essentially taken the week or so off, although, I’ve still got a few things left to do at the office and so I’ll have to pop in. The Semester at school is over as of the moment I turn in my last paper which will happen tonight.

Also, I’ve got to check into how do I pay for a course at one school while attending mine. You know, with financial aid. But, we’ll see. I am cranking down on my MTS and intend to go full steam ahead into it.

So far, this year, we’ve kept our children from ruining the myth of Santa Claus for others. So far.

How have you been? Good, I hope.

As I said, I have a few posts lined up, and will eventually move into the ‘year end reflections’ mood, but most likely, next week.

I hope that you are each staying warm. God bless and see you soon.

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