Sunday Thoughts – 1/2 – Epiphany

From the Greek, meaning to shine out. It celebrates the Incarnation of Christ and is symbolized by some with the image of the Wise Men. Today is the day in which many in the West celebrate it. It is, for many as well, the end of the Christmas season. Of course, it may be better manifested that we celebrate always the Incarnation and always the Resurrection, if, that is, we are able to live in such a way.

It has been a long holiday season and we are now preparing to return to the routine of work and daily activities which accompany our every breath. I am hopeful that this year will end differently, on a higher note, than it is beginning on. Our business is starting to take off, and them moment it gets to a certain level… well, I’ll suddenly have more time to read and blog. Of course, my second semester at United Theological Seminary will be starting in February, so I’ll post more on that as the time approaches. Plus, a few things moving at work to increase the workload there. We’ll see. I intend to start on my year-long exploration of the Dead Sea Scrolls. This might actually fit into something else, but I’ll let you know more about that later.

I hope that each of you have a great 2011, that it is better than 2010, and not as good as 2012. I hope that each of us increases in our service to God and to one another in this year.

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  1. Until last night at church I had never understood the meaning of the Epiphany. The pastor who preached said that the later visit by the Wise Men was of more significance than the visit by the Shepherds to the manger.

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