Sunday Thoughts – 1/18

But next Sunday, I will be old. I will have moved one year past 29+10 on Friday. I should retire soon or at the very least slow down so this old body don’t give out.

I helped someone move yesterday, and I am feeling 30 years (a week shy of 31) of not eating right, and not taking care of the body that God gave me, so we are planning a radical change in our diet. Not that I want to continue to help people move, but if I need to help, then maybe I can actually help instead of pant all the day long.

I have discovered a new radio station on Sirius XM, 18, the Elvis Station, which on Sunday morning plays Elvis Gospel. I figure that I can give up my bluegrass gospel this Sunday morning. It’s Elvis!

I hope all is well with you. I have been studying Ignatius of Antioch and will post concerning his view of God the Father and Jesus Christ, or at least my understanding of his view. Further, tomorrow, I am will post a vew things to alienate some out there, maybe none of you, but someone I am sure. Tomorrow is MLK day and this year it seems much more poignant. Of course the Presidential Inauguration is on Tuesday, so it will be a big week.

I am thinking about running a contest about my About Page. Not sure what I could give away, but I will see.

Well, my arms are tired and I cannot write much today – besides Elvis Gospel is on!

I hope each of you will join me in worshiping my God this morning.

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