Sunday Thoughts – 11/7

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Daylight Savings Time. Already. Hope you set your clocks to the right position. You’ll just have to guess which is which, I reckon.

Ever been on the cusp? Not sure what is about to happen, but sure that something is? I sort of feel like that. Not sure if it is about my day job, my business, or Church related. Just not sure it isn’t a high heart rate from climbing stairs all weekend. Whatever it is, I hope to be ready to handle it. Never can tell, I guess.

It is such a beautiful day out there today, and we have a special service planned this evening. It is to honor those who have died this past year in the congregation, and indeed, to note those who have gone on before. I know that for me, I do not take enough time to remember those who have fought this good fight successfully, and have slept in the arms of Christ. I am looking forward to it, and not in the least because of the enthusiasm presented by our pastor regarding it.

I spent the weekend in Buckhannon, West Virginia, at my last Church Admin class. I have a paper to write for the course, so it is not over with yet, but at the close of the class, we shared communion. I would share communion once a week if possible, because I find that it draws me closer to those around me and to God in Christ. There is no wrangling of the theology of the bread and the wine, but a simply scriptural reading and remembrance of the sacrifice of Christ. Communion produces unity. The seven us gather around the table and served each other in the solemn act. It was thoroughly enjoyable.

And the year is almost done. Not even two more months to go…. But, we keep sludging through… and now… the holiday season. It is one of the worse times of the year for depression. If you know someone who is suffering through it because of this holiday season, help them. This season is focused on family, so, be a family to someone.

This week is going to be real hectic. Okay, not so much. A lot of my work is to be done tomorrow, so if I can get through tomorrow…. I plan on starting reflection series on two books. Both are important to discussions current in our society or circles. I’ll let you know about them whenever I start to post on them. Sorry, no more details than that. But, I hope you enjoy and participate in them.

I do appreciate the upswing in comments, and I hope that you have found the new system easier to operate.

And, I might have a new contributor of sorts soon enough…

Personally, because I love the songs of the season, for each Sunday until the end of the season I will use this time to post a favorite hymn.

Hope all is well with each of you and have a great week!

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