Sunday Thoughts – 11/15

Four more days until I leave for the land of good food. I cannot wait. I will have my son with me, and he is looking forward it.

I will miss the first day of deer season. I know, right, I’m a hunter and an outdoors enthusiast. I’m a bit fan of the 2nd amendment so I have a .7mm mag as a deer hunting rifle. I figure, if I cannot kill the dear, I can at least scare it to death. And if I do get a shot in, it will save a lot with the processing of it. Honestly, I never thought I would enjoy hunting as much as I do, but my son wants to do it, so I figured I might learn. Now? Now I am really looking forward to it. I’ll miss the first day of it, but I will make up for it.

We read this morning about God as nourishment, in which we looked briefly at the value of fellowship with each other and God. Wonder why we don’t do that anymore?

I’ve got a few posts this week, already lined up and ready to post.

Below is a song that I have heard all my life. It is older than I by decades, but still is refreshing. While many us focus on defending the deity of Christ, we often fail to look for His humanity, the humanity which we all share.


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  1. This is one of my grandfather’s favorite songs. Every time I hear it I picture him singing it, in much the same manner as this clip. Some songs just mean too much to get old.

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