Sunday Thoughts 10/4

I hope that it is as beautiful where you are as it is here in West Virginia. I am repeatedly amazed at the grandiose majesty of these hills which surround me. Fall, Spring, Winter or Summer, a sure sign of God’s creation.

We have had a busy weekend so far – and got nothing done it seems. And the baby is fast approaching. The baby is due the 13th, but I am really expecting it the 8th, trying to wait until the 9th (inside joke). We have yet to put together the baby bed, but we will get to that this week. Of course, for the first weeks, we have a bassinet for the baby. This baby-raising should be different, and I hope better in many ways than the previous two. We are growing as parents, my wife near perfect already.

We read from Matthew 19.16-30 this morning, and spoke about possessions and the value of God. We live in a world of materialism, and yes, even the most pious amongst us succumbs to it every once in a while. It is in our nature to want what we do not have (going back to the very beginning) and once we have it, rarely ever does it satisfy. We try to teach our children to value the things, even material, which mean the most, and to want what they need. I see nothing wrong in valuing a toy, or a book, as long as they do not value that toy as s symbol of status, or cast that toy aside quickly because something better has come along.

As usual, we spent the morning by the duck pond, and has seemed to be the pattern for the past few Sundays, the water fowl and the rats with fuzzy tails were anxious for our arrival. We had a lot of bread this morning for them, and we had someone join us for the feeding. When it get’s colder, or if the baby is here and the weather is not warm enough for her parents to try, we will either start reading at home, or attempt to look for another place.

Frankly, considering the hurt from the last place – still yet, after all of these months, no calls, no nothing, not even an ask of why we no longer attend – I am just not wanting to try another congregational place. My son still speaks of missing someone from the old congregation, and that in of itself is heartbreaking enough, because this person supposedly dearly loved my son. So we will maintain our walk with God until we are led somewhere else.

This week, I have at least two book reviews to post, trying for a third, and mix in two bible reviews. Further, I have lots of other posts already to go. I expect that this week will be rather busy, or it could be mundane and suddenly, we rush to the hospital…

Always looking for guest contributors, especially during this time. Just email me with the link in the welcome box to the side.

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Oh, and my son from this morning,


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    1. Thanks, Deb. I love this place here, I really do. It’s odd, but those who are born here rarely make it too far from home. Me? I wasn’t born here, but I love these mountains just the same. No other place has ever felt like home.

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