Sunday Thoughts – 10/24

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First things first –  I have a new comment system, like the old, but better. It loads faster and creates static comment pages, so uber-awesome. My readership has increased 50% in the last few months and comments way down. Why? Because it is annoying to use Disqus, or at least I’ve been told. Sure, it afforded me the chance to answer by email, it slowed down the site.

Second, um… no second.

Got a mild week ahead, so lots of reading, a few things for Seminary, some for Church class, and then some for review. I read a lot these days – but don’t think that I don’t want more books.

Had a great service this morning! It was one service, with all three service attendances combined. It was a great spirit there today, with a great vision cast. I am looking forward to doing my part.

We are truly happy with our new church home, but beyond that, the kids are really loving it. They feel, for once, comfortable. So do we. I think that it is changing me somewhat but for the better. I hope that each of you can find such a place…

Also, with my new comment feature, put your mouse over the comment that you want to reply to, and you can, or quote it. Also, there is a listing for similar posts…

I will have a busy weekend next weekend, actually. I have an out-of-town guest coming in for the first time, and will take him around the southern part of the State all day Friday. On Saturday, we are heading to the Rally for Sanity in D.C. LOOK FOR MY SIGNS, and on Sunday, of course, Church. No rest for the bone weary.

Then, taking Monday off, and Tuesday is election day…

No idea what the picture is, but it looked, um, well…. I dunno.

Hope all is well!

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