Sunday Thoughts – 10/10/10

We had a very, very long day. First, I am still recovering from the trip to Buckhannon for my Church Administration class. For those of you who do not know… the professor happens to be my pastor. So…. I have to be on my best behavior. Speaking of, you can find the latest sermon series on Spiritual way points here.

Anyway, so I’m still tired from that and today, we had church and Sophia’s first birthday party. Which was cool. Because people actually showed up.

And, we actually had someone come with us to the service this morning – without us asking or inviting them. Yeah, yeah, I know. You have to invite people… but wouldn’t it be better for people to hear you talk good about your church and actually want to come with you? We also have someone else who wants to come with us soon.

Sorta makes us fell good, actually…

Yes, it is different being a part of a real community of faith.

Tomorrow is a State and Federal holiday, so I am taking it off. Actually, I’ve got to read a book for a class, write a paper, and post it to the online forum. So, I’ll be pretty busy. I’ll try to get a few things done, but I also have a week full of board meetings. Ugh.

I hope that each of you have a great week!


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