Sunday Thoughts – 10-31

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Today is Reformation Day. It is the day in which we remember Luther and his politely suggesting that the Church form a committee to address whether or not programs of renewal may be needed. I’m pretty sure that it was met, as it always is, with a resounding round of applause and cheers.

I am still recovering somewhat. We have a guest up from Louisiana, so for the past two days, I’ve been playing tour guide. On Friday, we visited Hawks’ Nest and did some scenic sight seeing, but also finally found the time to visit Whipple, rather what is left of the old coal camp named Whipple, and the company store there. There is some history there that will eventually be brought out, and when it does, I hope to be apart of it. I believe that it will shed some serious light on the beauties of unregulated capitalism. On a positive note there, I was able to touch the printing press which pressed the first edition of Huck Finn. It was owned by some author named Clemens or something.

Oh, and the press used by Charles Manson. But, that was just odd. And a wheel chair that has a bad history.

The next day, as I mentioned yesterday, or was it this morning? Anyway, we went to D.C., joined peaceably in a rally, and came home. All in a day. I am exhausted.I’ve had about 11 hours of sleep since Thursday morning.

But, we went to church this morning, which honored the laity ministers. Right now? I am about ready to go to bed.

This week will be pretty slow. I’ve got some reading to do, plus, I am taking Monday and Tuesday off.

I have some really good news to share, when I can announce it.

I hope that each of you have a great week. I hope as well that regardless of Tuesday’s outcome, we are still one country and that we will start to learn to work together again.

We aren’t do a good job with that, you know.

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  1. Joel, glad you were there; I was as well. Found this quote that fits well with the Rally:
    Not by wrath does one kill, but by laughter.–Nietzsche

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