Sunday School: Language of Science and Faith, Faith and Evolution

I found this quote, from the introduction, to be soundly interesting –

Contrary to widespread misunderstanding and confident assertions y the various anti-evolutionists, evolution is a scientific theory that makes no direct statements about religion. It may have religious implications, as many have noted, but these require a certain theological or biblical point of view to make sense. Evolution per se makes no specific statements about God.

It doesn’t really. What it does do is to challenge specific theological formulations but, even in that, it still makes no direct statements against them. It is we who declare a division and a war.

Anyway – what do you think?

Does evolution really make statements directly against religion or God? And if so, please provide them.

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4 Replies to “Sunday School: Language of Science and Faith, Faith and Evolution”

  1. If one insists on a strict interpretation of Biblical material, then perhaps one could argue it challenges everything (obviously a 6 day creation and Noah’s ark are completely wiped away with regards to having any basis in historical reality). I personally don’t have these issues. One issue I have been thinking about, and again, it isn’t a direct attack against religion or God, but it is rather a understanding of the physical nature of the Resurrection. If one takes a “new earth” and “physical resurrection” literally, then how does one reconcile that with the nature of our Universe, which, best as can be determined is expanding, the rate of expansion is increasing, and ultimately everything of material/energy will fade away. Sort of brings a downer on “the new creation.”

    I’m not attacking Christianity, I’m a Christian trying to sort things out and would like to see what others think about this. Do we cling to the physical/spiritual nature of the Resurrection (which no matter what we can do for Jesus, but what about us?), or do we just assume that everything is spiritual (but I have a hard time separating the physical from the Spiritual…hard for me to imagine a sense of self without something material). What do other people believe? What is the “best” Biblical interpretation?

      1. I can handle biology, but my quantum mechanics working knowledge is weak…to say the least. How do you envision QS circumventing some of the issues? You don’t have to include equations. 🙂

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