Study of Galatians

I wish that I had more time to do things this like but WB has completed his study on Galatians.

Today he gives us his summary:

The book of Galatians was probably written by the Apostle Paul before the occurrence of the council between Paul and the church leaders in Jerusalem that is recorded in Acts 15. To see this, we must notice that Luke wrote in Acts 9:26-30 of Paul’s first trip as a Christian to Jerusalem and in Acts 11:30 of what appears to be his second trip to Jerusalem which he took with Barnabas. Paul wrote in Galatians 1:18 of his first trip to Jerusalem as a Christian and in Galatians 2:1-10 of taking with Barnabas what was apparently his second trip to Jerusalem. Paul wrote that he undertook the second trip to privately discuss what he was teaching the Gentiles with James, Peter, and John. According to Paul, they agreed with Paul’s message and only gave him the instruction to remember the poor, which was what he wanted to do anyway. This in turn corresponds with what Luke wrote in Acts 11:30 to the effect that Paul had taken money from the church in Antioch to the elders in Jerusalem to provide relief there. It is not unreasonable to think that Paul used the opportunity of taking relief funds to Jerusalem to discuss his concerns privately with the elders in Jerusalem. The council Luke wrote of in Acts 15 was apparently a public one, and as such would not correspond with the fact that Paul himself said his discussion with James, Peter and John was private. Since the council recorded Acts 15 occurred in 49 AD, but after the events in Acts 11:30, the book of Galatians was written about 48-49 AD, shortly after the end of his first missionary journey, and about six years before the book of Romans. Given this, Galatians was probably the earliest of Paul’s letters...more here

It is important to study the bible and to get in deep. These are the headlines, people – find what is underneath.

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