Stay classy, Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod

Earlier this month, the president of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, Pastor Matthew Harrison, wrote a letter to church members saying he had requested an apology from Morris for his participation in “joint worship with other religions.”

“There is sometimes a real tension between wanting to bear witness to Christ and at the same time avoiding situations which may give the impression that our differences with respect to who God is, who Jesus is, how he deals with us, and how we get to heaven, really don’t matter in the end,” Harrison wrote. (here)

What did the letter say?

“I did not believe my participation to be an act of joint worship, but one of mercy and care to a community shocked and grieving an unspeakably horrific event,” he wrote. “I apologize where I have caused offense by pushing Christian freedom too far, and I request you charitably receive my apology.”

Wow… that’s the Lutheran spirit.



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3 Replies to “Stay classy, Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod”

  1. It should probably be pointed out that the Missouri Synod is the second largest Lutheran church body in America. The LCMS does not speak for all, nor even for a majority of, Lutherans.

    1. But unfortunately, the more conservative you get on the Lutheran spectrum, the more restrictions there are. WELS won’t even pray with other denomination except for conservative Lutherans.

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