Starting but not but I am my dissertation

Northumbrian Gospels -- John
Northumbrian Gospels — John (Photo credit: manuscript_nerd)

Does that make sense? No?

Anyway, I am starting to develop my dissertation. I need to keep most of this quiet at the moment, so sorry for the redactive style of this post. Anyway, so I have the requirements to start a phd program — location redacted for the moment. But before I do, I have to present thesis proposal. That’s what I am doing now.

The good thing is that I have narrowed it down pretty fast thus far. Because of this, I am developing with an eye towards making it my first chapter the state of current scholarship on a particular Gospel.

No, it’s not Mark. It is the second most creative Evangelist out of the six.

You know, five for the guy who wrote Revelation and the six for the guy who wrote Thomas.

Just had to share, because, well, I’m stuck.

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