Announcing Mosaic: Start of the Blog-a-thon

A note to my blog subscribers – you are about to experience an interruption of the daily dose of attempted theology, biblical studies and humor. Sit back, hold on, keep praying, and I’ll see you on the other side!

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In childhood, when I found something that I liked, I insisted that others partake. Moving into my adulthood, I did the same thing. Why? Maybe because I like to share good things, and I believe that if I like it, then I want to support it to see it succeed. I want to throw every bit of myself into something which I believe has helped me out. I want to return the favor, so to speak.

So it is with the NLT. As we go through this blog-a-thon, you will find older posts on the NLT and you will see that my use of it had grown considerably. (Most Scriptural References are keyed to it using the Logos Plug-in for I believe that we should support Christian publishing houses, especially one such as Tyndale, a company committed to Bible Translation. To me, part of our Christian duty is to promote works such as these, in reaching the lost and those without bibles.

You will also, starting in about 8 hours from this post, see new posts in participation of the NLT Contest (there is still time) which was submitted by email, or in comments, etc… You will also find a very special guest blogger, and a surprise visit by my daughter, as well as my review of the NLT Mosaic. I will post a review, a few pictures, and a few video reviews.

Why? Because I like it. I like the NLT for it’s clear language and the Mosaic for it’s breathtaking attempt to showcase the myriad of voices of Christianity – from the 1st to the 21st century, from here to there.

I want to welcome you to the start of this blog tour, and I am doubly honoured to be the first stop (you’ll find a listing of the rest of the tour within the next 24 hours). If you come across something you want to see – a picture, or a reading, or a list of contributors or voices, let me know. We have time.

You can find more information at the Mosaic’s blog.

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