Star Trek discovers… Faith?

The rumor, hopefully dispelled, is that the humans of the 23rd and 24th century are religious-less… having escaped the superstition of the previous era (or error?). On the other hand, we see at least remnants of religion in TOS and TNG… notably among the Vulcans, the most evolved mirror of the human species, and the Klingons, our lessor evolved (Soviet?) cousins. And then you have DS9 and well…

You also have now Discovery. In the second episode of second season, New Eden, Pike (who is ratcheting up his Star Trek appearances) seems to deliver some theological pronouncements. I’m not going to get into spoilers, but the entire season is about faith and the wonder of it all. I wonder if we haven’t grown in the last 60 years in our respect of science (fiction) and religion? More so, say, than The Orville will allow? That’s why I find this quote by Jonathan Frakes so… intriguing.

I’m not sure they’re embracing the idea of faith as much as they’re embracing the conversation about science versus faith. It’s like the Scopes trial. The idea we’re all naive to believe there’s not a higher power out there applies to the 24th century as much as it does to the 21st century. We’ve evolved as a culture a lot since Gene Roddenberry was with us. We have to stay current on so many levels, in the filmmaking and storytelling. The moral compass of the country seems to have a bit more of a liberal bend than it did back in the day. Gene comes from the 1960s; he was an old hippie!

Star Trek served to push us into some progressive thought. I wonder if it will not help right the ship, so to speak, and move us to the middle?

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