St. John of the Cross on a “new revelation”

English: Statue of St. John of the Cross at Ca...
English: Statue of St. John of the Cross at Carmelite Monastery, Varroville, NSW, Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No new revelations are to be admitted in the matter of that once made, beyond what may be consistent with it, lest we should go astray by admitting contradictions, and stain the soul, which should keep the faith. We must bring the understanding into captivity, and cleave in simplicity to the faith and teaching of the Church, ‘for faith,’ saith S. Paul, ‘cometh by hearing.’ No man will give heed or credit easily to new revelations, unless he has a mind to be deceived.

As a fundamentalist, I believed that Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestants all based their beliefs on “new revelations.” Why? Because nothing they did or said could be found (explicitly) in Scripture. I didn’t understand the notion of progressive revelation at the time.

This is different than progressive politics and progressive Christianity.

I have no doubt St. John would look at modern Christianity with so many new revelations and utterly despise it.


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