@SpeakerBoehner and the Myth of the American Judicial System

“Nothing dissolves the bonds between the people and their government like the arrogance of power here in Washington, and that’s what the American people are seeing today from the Obama administration — remarkable arrogance,” Boehner, R-Ohio, said.

So, because we are seeing, in his words, arrogance, the bonds are now dissolved? The last time such language was used was 1861. You know, when the “Union is dissolved.”

This is the same Speaker who said yesterday he didn’t care about anything else, just figuring out who was going to go to jail.

The emails and Benghazi are coming undone — they are a GOP talking point that doesn’t have a basis in reality. The IRS “scandal” doesn’t reach to the President, but took place under a Bush-era appointee. The same president who lied to the world and took us into a war.

Do we really want to see the answers to the questions before us? No. The GOP wants to see the President hanging from a noose. They have their mind made up, now they have to find the facts to support their death sentence.


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2 Replies to “@SpeakerBoehner and the Myth of the American Judicial System”

  1. On Benghazi, since it was a CIA outpost, there is going to be much info never disclosed. An ambassador should never have been there. However, my bet, it probably fell under the old WINTEL classification. In the old days it meant that intelligence sources would be disclosed if the info got out. That was code words meaning some person (spy, informant) would get killed if the info got out. Just conjecture on my part, but an ambassador being at an outpost predominately CIA. He was probably meeting an undercover person as a mole in a hostile group. And perhaps he was set up. Anyway, doubtful the real facts will come out, not because of political reasons, but because of compromising sources of intel.

  2. And a note on the IRS thing. Not justified at all. But I can see why some over-steroid induced IRS agents went over the top. As I remember, there were Tea Party gatherings that combined anti-government protests with pro-gun demonstrations that included “armed to the teeth” loyal and whacko Tea Party members carrying side arms and assault rifles, plus a few signs of Obama pictured as a Hitler. I would like those groups VERY carefully investigated, me as a crummy, individual who does not want my neighbor carrying a gun to a PTA meeting at my local school. Just call me wacky,

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