Speaker Boehner and Pope Francis

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I am not/am a raging liberal/am not are so am not. Stop it! Anyway, this morning John Boehner said that he could not support gay marriages because his church, the Roman Catholic Church, was against it:

Listen, I believe marriage is a union between one man and one woman. It’s what I grew up with, it’s what i belive, it’s what my church teaches me and I can’t imagine that position would ever change.

Boehner Says He Would Oppose Marriage Equality Even If Son Was Gay | ThinkProgress.

But, what if it did?

In a lead up to the 2010 Argentine law allowing for gay marriages, then Cardinal Bergoglio urged his bishops to support civil unions. He is quoted as saying,

No buscamos discriminar a las uniones de personas del mismo sexo. No tenemos una mirada fanática. Lo que estamos pidiendo es que se respeten las leyes. …Creemos que hay que plantear un proyecto de unión civil más completo del que existe, pero no de matrimonio.

We are not searching to discriminate against same-sex unions. We don’t have a fanatic vision. What we are asking is that the laws are respected. We believe that we must propose more comprehensive civil union than currently exist, but not marriage

This is from Pope Francis’s new biographer, ]], who has the first authorized biography due out shortly.

So, what if this new pope urged the Catholic Church to allow for civil unions? Or work for a non-discriminatory system of laws? Would Speaker Boehner listen? Would he then stop wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on this issue and wage a war against real social issues such as poverty?

The Speaker is quick to pin his position on gay marriage to the Church, but what about his other issues? Such as gun control and health care for all?

Anyway, there you go.

You are so a raging liberal, Joel. 

Seriously, dude, stop. 

You started…

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3 Replies to “Speaker Boehner and Pope Francis”

  1. In the UK they have civil unions with “a non-discriminatory system of laws”. But the gay lobby, and now the government, won’t accept that and is insisting on calling these civil unions marriage. The argument against that is fundamentally that the government does not have the authority to change the English language. Would you condemn those opposing this change in the law? By the way, I am neutral on the issue, as long as churches are not forced to perform same sex marriage ceremonies.

    1. Like you, the line for anything is crossed when in a non-life threatening situation, someone is forced to think/do/behave a certain way against their conscience.

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