Soon, you can deny your children health care. Thanks @RepAaronSchock

U.S. Congressman Aaron Schock on Republican Da...
U.S. Congressman Aaron Schock on Republican Day at the Illinois State Fair (2 of 3) (Photo credit: myoldpostcards)

The U.S. House has taken up the charge of protecting the religious liberty of absolute morons — faith healers. “Schock says the Affordable Care Act currently allows a few select faiths to exempt themselves from paying individual penalties.” (here) This bill essentially allows faith healers a recognized status.

This bill, by the way, supports only major religions. Further, it includes heavy fines for those who are seeking the exemption “insincerely.” What does this mean? It means if you take the religious liberty exemption but later seek treatment, you will be hit with heavy fines.

Why is this troubling?

Faith healing kills. It kills children far more than you know. I’ve watched someone die from “faith healing.” Now, our U.S. Congress is attempting to recognize this status and thus ensure that faith healing, or rather the legal abuse of children, is a protected class.

Schock, yesterday on the House floor, said he had taken an oath, an oath to God, to protect the religious liberties of the citizens. Yet, the “so help me God” is not constitutional. Rather, Schock took an oath to the citizens, even children. Here, however, he is insuring he is only protecting his next election.


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  1. One of the true tragedies of American-style conservationism is their enshrinement of fetuses before birth followed by the ease with which they dispose of children after they’re born

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