Something you need to understand about Simcha Jacobovici


Archaeology at Crossrail
Archaeology at Crossrail (Photo credit: rich_pickler)

The truth is that Mr. Jacobovici holds the honorary title of “Co-Director of the Bethsaida Excavations” (along with ten other individuals) because he serves as the leader of the Huntington University (of Canada) delegation, which contributed $2000 to the Bethsaida Excavations Consortium.


via One Big Balagan: Robert Deutsch, Simcha Jacobovici, and their Campaign of Misinformation against Prof. Yuval Goren | XKV8R: The Official Blog of Dr. Robert R. Cargill.


You will need to read the naked truth about a fake archeologist. (see here as well)


You can buy all sorts of titles – producer, award winner, co-director, adjunct professorship … and some people buy degrees. But, in the end, the truth will find your out.


Simcha is passing himself off as something other than what he is because he bought his way in. He didn’t earn it.


Huntington should be ashamed.




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13 Replies to “Something you need to understand about Simcha Jacobovici”

  1. I’ve been living in Canada for twenty-two years, all that time with a keen eye on higher education and academia, and this is the first time that I’ve heard of Huntington University. Jacobivici must have scoured Canada from coast to coast to find one that would take him.

    Turns out that Huntington Uni is in the small industrial city of Sudbury, Ontario. Ask a hundred Canadians outside Ontario where Huntington University is, and I’d guess that 99 to 100 of them would never have heard of it.

    1. One of the reasons that Huntington is not known outside the northern Ontario context is that it is part of the Laurentian University federation. Huntington University, Thorneloe University, and the University of Sudbury are *universities* (often informally called “colleges”) federated with Laurentian University (and are on the same campus). Students who take programmes at any of those institutions actually get a degree from Laurentian University. One exception: Theology degrees and diplomas are conferred by the federated institutions, not Laurentian.
      It is important to stress that Laurentian, UofS and Thorneloe cannot be held accountable for the appointment of Jacobovici. Each member of the federation has its own senate and board of directors.

        1. I would think it’s rather uncommon, but a variety of titles can be used in a variety of ways (usually legitimate!) by different institutions: Adjunct Prof, Affiliate Prof., etc.
          What’s interesting in this case is that Huntington does not offer courses in archaeology, Judaism, or early Christianity (UofS does). I would say that you *normally* appoint someone with an intellectual connection to the programmes offered by the institution, but this is not a strict requirement. There may be other reasons at play for what looks like an “unusual” appointment.

      1. Guy, if “each member of the federation has its own senate and board of directors” then they are accountable and in this case, they should come forth and explain their reasons for the adjunct professorship. According to their by-laws this may be ‘kosher’ but the person here in question frequently sings off as professor giving the false impression that he indeed is. I think its time the Canadians speak up, take a stand.

        1. I agree, Joe, that it would be interesting to know the incentives for this appointment. It is often the case, as you probably know, that Higher Ed institutions appoint “celebrities” to honorific and other titles, but this one is a little surprising given Jacobovici’s positions about (or rather: against) academia in the recent past.
          I should add that while each institution has a senate and board of Governors, it is not necessarily the case that this appointment was a senate decision, though I would suppose it is.

  2. Your picture shows the wrong logo. Jacobovici is not associated with Huntington University in the USA, but in Sudbury, Canada.

  3. Recently there was a list of the top 100 universities in Canada and Huntington does not appear. Remember Canada is not the most populated place in the New World. Secondly, if one goes to the ‘university’ web site, his name also does not appear at all. Seems his only connection to the univ. was to show, gratis, his latest film to the townspeople. The woman who is the dept head, calls herself a professor, like Simcha, only has a MA and does not appear to have any significant publications, at least not in biblical archaeology. Anyway, if any of you out there need ‘academic creditability on the cheap’, looks like this may well be the place.

    1. It is not surprising that Huntington wouldn’t show up. For ranking purposes, it wouldn’t make sense to split the federated universities from the whole Laurentian Federation (see my explanation above). The three federated institutions teach only in the Humanities and Social Sciences. They wouldn’t make much sense, in my view, outside the Laurentian context.
      Because of Laurentian B.A. requirements, it is actually impossible (to the best of my knowledge) for a student registered in one of the federated programmes to obtain a Laurentian B.A. without taking courses on the main Laurentian campus. Note also that the Laurentian Dean of Humanities & Social Sciences has the federated programmes under her responsibility. Programme Chairs from the federated institutions attend Humanities & Social Sciences monthly meetings chaired by the Dean. When a federated Chair wants to create a new course or revise a programme, he goes through all the same stages, bodies & committees as all Humanities & Social Science programmes on the Laurentian campus.
      But I want to emphasize again that each member of the Federation (the 3 federated “colleges” and Laurentian proper) each have their own Senate and Board of Governors. Each of those institutions may decide to confer an honorary degree to so-&-so.

  4. Shalom Guy, Today we had a look the collective faculty agreement between the Board of Regents of Huntington Univ. and Laurentian University Faculty Association which expired on June 30, 2011, we found the following:

    Item number 2. Definitions, University Professor. Minimum requirement is a Doctorate or in the process of completing one. (Jacobovici has neither)

    Adjunct Professor-(at time he’s Professor whereas other times Adjunct professor) The latter is conferred by the university one certain people, not holding a university appointment. The position is an honorary one and carries no stipend.

    In the minimum requirements section for employing the term Professor, there is no inclusion nor definition for adjunct professor.
    Shalom Guy,

    In all the definitions cited in the faculty agreement, one must have minimum a Phd or be in the process of finishing one !.

    As Jacobovici was claiming to be at times a professor or adjunct professor in Huntington, prior to the termination of the collective agreement in June 2011, could you clarify the position of the faculty/university towards these claims as he fulfills none of the above criteria ?

    1. OK — I’m relieved to know that “Adjunct Professor” is an honorary title at Huntington. If that’s the title Huntington gave Mr. Jacobovici, then they have respected the terms of the collective agreement (CA).
      But if Mr. Jacobovici is Adjunct Professor, I think he should not use the title “Professor”. Those are two entirely different titles, as is obvious from the CA’s definitions. I am pretty sure the CA uses the stand-alone term “Professor” throughout the document only to mean a “regular” professor who teaches courses, does research, and is on the payroll.
      Shalom, Joe

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