Something you #Hebrew people need to get at #sblaar @kregelacademics

While examining lustfully over books, I noticed this –

fuller dvd case cover REV.indd


Designed to supplementĀ Invitation to Biblical Hebrew: A Beginning Grammar, this six DVD set features thirty-eight lectures by Dr. Fuller, each corresponding to each lesson in the textbook. Each session explains, illustrates, and reinforces the principles and rules covered in the text through oral and visual presentations. The DVDs are viewable via standard computer DVD drives or television DVD players. The lectures are each approximately twenty minutes long. This is tested approach to learning biblical Hebrew in an ideal package for the first-year Hebrew student. This clear, accurate, and pedagogically sound teaching emphasizes the basics: Hebrew phonology (sounds) and morphology (forms). This grammar does not use jargon or technical language, but uses terms easily understood and remembered so biblical Hebrew can be used with regularity and authority.

And I think it comes with a discount!!!!!

Oh and I meant Hebrew loving people and not Hebraic people!

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