Some U.S. Christmas Statistics

As I hail from the UK I’ve always imagined that Christmas is more of a big deal in the UK than the US. I think part of the reasoning for this is the fact that you guys have Thanksgiving, whereas we don’t. Of course, Thanksgiving is close to Christmas, and I always had the impression that this is the most important celebratory day.

I have absolutely no evidence for this, but it’s an impression I’ve held since a child, and one that may be entirely incorrect.

So, I thought I’d check out some stats on Christmas in the US.

You’ll buy 40.3 million Christmas trees with a retail value of $1.74 Billion

Estimated spend per person $770

Planned spend per child in Christmas gifts $271

Total expected sales $586.1 billion

According to Gallup 2010

Ninety-five percent of Americans celebrate Christmas, and of these, 51% describe the holiday as “strongly religious” for them, continuing an upward trend seen since 1989

The poll finds a majority of Americans incorporating specific religious activities or symbols into their holiday celebrations. This includes 62% who attend religious services on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, 65% who display decorations with a religious meaning, and 78% who take time to reflect on the birth of Christ.

Religious traditions are, not surprisingly, more common among those who say the holiday is strongly religious to them. Nearly all members of this group, 98%, say they take time at Christmas to reflect on the birth of Christ. More than 8 in 10 attend religious services on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, or display religious decorations. But even among those who say Christmas is a strongly religious holiday to them, many of the secular traditions are just as common if not more so than the religious ones.

So, Christmas is a pretty big deal for you guys 😉

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  1. As a Brit spending my first Christmas in the USA, I would say that there is not much difference between the UK and the USA in how over the top people go about Christmas. The only real difference is that here turkeys are not associated with Christmas, but more with Thanksgiving. There seems to be more diversity in what people eat at Christmas time here.

    65% who display decorations with a religious meaning

    Does that include trees, stockings, Santas etc, whose only “religious meaning” is that popular culture has linked them with Christmas?

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