Some of the consultants for #thebible series

They include a variety, it seems, such as Mark Goodacre and Candida Moss. Goodacre has a series of posts up about it, but start here.

He ends his latest with…

The consultant’s role is always, inevitably, a very minor role in something like this. The producers themselves are the ones calling the shots, and they don’t need to talk to people like us at all. And it must be frustrating for them to be talking to people like us who really don’t know anything about film-making. But it’s greatly to their credit that they were willing to spend so much time asking the views of academics and taking their views seriously, and I was impressed throughout the experience with the time they took to listen to all the little suggestions we had.

Call me crazy, but with Goodacre saying it is excellent via fb, it might behoove us to consider it before we decry it, especially if we respect those less flammable scholars such as Goodacre, Moss, and Evans.

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